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Krakow’s Top 10 (Hidden) Beer Gardens

Updated: Aug 2

Krakow’s Top 10 (Hidden) Beer Gardens

As soon as Summer rolls around and the sun has its proverbial hat on, is there any better way to spend an afternoon than sipping on a cold beer while relaxing in a sun trap, beer garden? We don’t think so!

When it comes to beer gardens, Krakowians (yes that is how you describe people from Krakow) are absolutely spoiled for choice. In fact there are so many options for drinking outside, it was hard to narrow them down to a list of 10.

This list is designed to show you, the intrepid reader, a few of the places that you might not already know. Ideally some of those that might not already be jam-packed with punters. For that reason we can basically discount all of the venues around Krakow’s main square. Not because they don’t all have lovely seating areas, but because if you have spent more than five minutes in Krakow you will no doubt have already discovered these for yourself and will have realised just how busy they can get. No, we are intending to dig a little deeper than the obvious.

Also before we dive into our list, it is worth giving honourable mention to the area of Dolnych Młynów, which offers so many great outdoor drinking options, it could fill this list on its own. The first problem lies in narrowing it down to pick out one venue above the others. The second problem lies in the fact that at the time of writing this, plans are still underway to see the whole area redeveloped as a hotel and I doubt those great seating areas would be so relaxing if there was construction happening all around.

Let’s begin our countdown...

1. Eszeweria

One of the first mistakes many visitors to Krakow make when looking for a perfect drinking spot, is to confine their search to the Old Town. Kazimierz (that’s the Jewish Quarter if you don’t know) is absolutely teeming with great bars and even better beer gardens, and Eszeweria is right up there with the best.

This candle-lit, local’s favourite, is perfect for chatting the night away in a quiet corner, but the main draw is the, (nowadays not-so) secret garden out the back. This pebble stoned, oasis of calm, is decked out with plenty of tables and even the odd hammock for sun-lounging with a cold beer. Perfect for a lazy afternoon, or a warm Summer’s evening.

Józefa 9, 33-332 Kraków

2. Forum Przestrzenie (Forum)

Forum offers arguably the best outdoor seating options of any venue in Krakow. With a riverside view, deckchairs, ping pong, food and cold beers, Forum really does have everything a great beer garden should have. The building is actually a music venue/events space, set inside an old Soviet era hotel that closed in 2001. There is plenty of outside seating here, but be warned this place is definitely no secret, but is too good not to include on this list.

Marii Konopnickiej 28

3. Bunkier (Art Bunker)

Not exactly hidden, but located away from the main square and certainly worthy of this list. Set just off the planty park that surrounds Krakow’s old Town, Bunkier is an art gallery/ bar/ restaurant combo that ticks all the right boxes. When the sun comes out, the rain covers come off and the place opens up as the perfect spot to catch a few rays. Cold beers are served straight from beer tanks and off the food menu there are burgers, cakes and great ice cream to keep you smiling. If you get there earlier, they also serve breakfast, including an absolutely to die for Eggs Benedict. You’re welcome.

plac Szczepański 3a, 31-000

4. Mleczarnia

Mleczarnia is a quaint little Kazimierz cafebar that serves up alcoholic beverages by candlelight, but come summer the cafe spills out into the yard across the road, creating one of Krakow’s most charming and spacious beer gardens. This area of Krakow still has much of its old charm and you can sit beneath the stars, drink in hand watching the world go by.

Beera Meiselsa 20, 31-058

5. Re- Restaurant & Garden

Located two minutes from Krakow’s main square, Re is actually a small cellar bar that just happens to have one of the best outdoor spaces in the Old Town. The garden is actually shared with neighbouring restaurant Papryczki 5, but is big enough and hidden enough that despite its location, it is usually still possible to get a seat in the sunshine or sheltered under the cool canopy of the trees.

Świętego Krzyża 6, 31-028 Kraków

6. Caffe Zaćmienie Bar

This stylish indoor/outdoor cafebar is a tropical paradise located a stone’s throw from Krakow’s main square. The venue sports a garden theme with plants at every turn, serving up cool cocktails, food and desserts. A little haven in the Old Town.

Szczepańska 3, 31-011

7. 2 Okna Cafe

This unassuming cafe on Jozefa in Kazimierz serves bagels and pastries, as well as cakes and salads. To drink, there is a selection of wines and ice cold beers. One of the venue’s best features however, is a secret courtyard out the back which isn’t visible from the front of the building, making for the perfect relaxation spot when exploring Krakow’s Jewish Quarter.

Józefa 40, 31-056 Kraków

8. Stara Zajedznia

Krakow’s ‘Old Tram Depot,’ features on UNESCO’s list of historically important buildings and is now a popular Kazimierz drinking spot. In the summer months the venue features a huge outdoor seating area, packed full with deck-chairs. They even have a giant screen for big sporting events. The huge main hall contains the longest bar in Krakow and is often used for functions, but the main draw, along with the summer garden of course, is the selection of beers brewed on site. The micro-brewery specializes in making beers using ingredients sourced from local farmers and polish hops, making the beers served here unique to this bar. Add in a garden terrace to drink them in the sunshine and you have a perfect Summer’s afternoon planned.

Świętego Wawrzyńca 12, 31-060 Kraków

9. Tajemniczy Ogród

If you are looking for a great hidden beer garden in Krakow, then look no further than Tajemniczy Ogród. Literally translating to ‘Secret Garden’ this bar and restaurant is located smack, bang in the middle of Krakow’s Jewish Quarter, but because the hidden garden is tucked discreetly through the back, it is not visible from the outside. Which means on a sunny saturday in July, revellers are clambering to get a table by the entrance, without realising there is often plenty more space if they head through the restaurant and out into the drinker’s paradise on the other side. Food and service are great here too, as well as cold drinks in the sunshine. Perfect!

plac Nowy 9, 33-332 Kraków, Poland

10. Fog House Pub & Grill

Tucked away on a little side street close to Wawel castle, Fog House Pub & Grill serve up some great craft beers and some mouth watering juicy burgers. There’s even live sport shown here making it a great place to spend a weekend afternoon. However there is also a quaint little sun-trap of a beer garden tucked away at the back and because of the bar’s location, there’s often a lot less competition for tables than in other places closer to the main square.

Koletek 11, 31-069 Kraków, Poland

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