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The 4 Best Coffee Shops In Krakow

Updated: Aug 2

You’re tired of the typical coffee brands? You don’t want to spend your amazing trip in a boring, not unique and expensive coffee places? Then you should definitely continue reading this article. Krakow has the most unexpected coffees and a huge variety of places for good coffee in an even better location.

1.Cytat Coffee

This place is the perfect place for a relaxed coffee break. You have a huge variation of different coffees and they have daily changing cakes which are highly recommended. The staff are always friendly and will serve you a wise quote to every coffee, drink or tea you are going to order here. But not just the coffee is a good choice there, you should try the breakfast there as well. In the heart of the Jewish Quarter is a unique place which invites you to have a nice afternoon, hangover morning or studying day. The interior is full of books and board games.

23, Miodowa, 31-055 Kraków

2.Café Lisboa

There are so many beautiful coffee shops beside the typical tourist streets in Krakow which are worth giving a try. This coffee shop is one of my favourite place to have a coffee and work in a good atmosphere which is quite busy all the time. The tiny but cosy Café Lisboa is located Next to the old Tabaco Fabric which creates a Portuguese feeling. For sure this is something you really need during the cold winter days in this beautiful city. For just 8 PLN you get the best Espresso and pasteis de nata!

Dolnych Mlynów 3, 31-124 Kraków

3.Café Vegano

Vegan? Not your style? Don’t judge before you have tasted this place! It had just opened this year but has one of the best sandwiches and coffee so far. Located next to the city center it is pretty easy to reach. The stuff is super friendly and you should definitely try the vegan avocado sandwich. Choose between an Americano or a good Tea, whatever you will take, they give you a good service and great coffee anyways.

Café Vegano Henryka Siemiradzkiego 25, 31-137 Kraków

4.Knitted Coffee Café

Coffee at its best! Aeropress? Chemex? Siphon? Cold Brew? Espresso? There exists every type of coffee brewing which satisfies a coffee nerd and lover. And if you like knitting, this is a perfect place to rest a bit. In its tiny shop, it invites you to calm down and feel comfortable. Even you aren’t the master of knitting, you can see the different masterpieces and learn how to knite with different workshops which take place in the cafe. The cakes are really lovely as well. There are two coffee shops, both are located in the Jewish Quarter.

Starowiślna 38 & Wawrzynca 16

All in all, there are a lot of different places to enjoy a good coffee in Krakow!

Written by Sophie Heins If you would like to find out more about Krakow and really get to know the city, click here to book on to one of our many tours.


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