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The Most Charming Cafes In Krakow

Updated: Aug 2

Krakow’s coffee shops are little heavens. The city is filled to the brim with cosy cafes. Here, find our favourites for the most charming ones.

Massolit Books and Cafe

A perfect bookstore/cafe combination for fans of fresh coffee, home-made cakes, retro interiors and literature. This small oasis is located a few minutes from the Old Town. They offer about 20 000 various books specialising in Polish, East European and Jewish literature in English, here you can also find recent English language periodicals. You can either buy them at reasonable prices or read them on site accompanied by a glass of wine. It is the kind of cafe where no one is worried about how long you are hanging around, making it the perfect place for studying or meeting. If you are lucky enough, you can meet the authors, listen to live music or enjoy art exhibition.

Camelot Cafe

Cafe Camelot is one the city’s legend. Cafe located in the heart of Krakow in the backstreet of St. Thomas, just a few steps from the Main Square. Many say that you can fall in love with this place at first sight. Their apple pie is known as one of the best in town. You can enjoy a perfect coffee, aromatic teas, prosecco surrounded by vintage decor. If you are a fan of liqueurs cherry with figs and plums will be a great choice! In the evenings there are some artistic performances and ‘Loch-Camelot’ cabaret in the thirteenth-century basement. Do not worry if it is getting colder outside, they have a small fireplace to warm you up! Camelot might be busy in the evenings which speaks for itself. Once you decide to visit this lovely place, remember to have some cash with you - they remain old-fashioned and accept payments only by cash.


Entering Alchemia is like travelling back in old times. Especially in the evening the

atmosphere of the place is remarkable. The decor has a mystical, gothic vibe which may look a little bit quirky but it is full of character and soul. There is a great basement club space where is a mini bar and a dance floor. They also have a special wardrobe where you can walk through it to access to the smoking area - just like in Narnia! Take a seat in an over-sized vintage chair and enjoy the atmosphere accompanied by the mead

Cafe Bar Magia

Magia literally means magic and the name doesn't lie. It is one of these hidden, very atmospheric gems in the city. Housed in a gorgeous building and there is the rumor that they make the perfect cappuccino. Besides the traditional dishes of the Polish cuisine such as homemade dumplings "pierogi" you can enjoy baked apples with almonds and honey or leek tart with goat’s cheese and mint. Café with a nice vibe to visit when you are on the main square in the Old Town.


Similarly to Alchemia, Mleczarnia has a vintage-looking style and tends to keep ‘back in time’ atmosphere. Located in the Old Jewish Quarter is one of those dark, candlelit places with calm music in the background. On the opposite side of the entrance you can relax in their cozy summer garden. Just in front of the garden part of the film "Schindler's list" was filmed. Mleczarnia is perfect for daydreaming, relaxing, or having a romantic date. Wooden tables, sepia portraits, delightful home-made food and a wide variety of regional beers. You may simply feel like in the living room of your grandmother enjoying her cheesecake. Some visitors say that their yoghurt breakfast and tea with marmalade is just mind-blowing!


If you are a fan of spiced, very aromatic coffee this charming cafe in the Old Jewish Quarter of Krakow is the right place for you. Located in a former Jewish prayer house they offer special coffee brewed in the brass Israeli finjan with the secret mix of spices. Their menu changes according to the seasons and it is mostly prepared for breakfast or lunch. Israeli, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes are served. Here, you can enjoy excellent pitas with homemade hummus, a delicious Baklava wide selection of tapas, and certainly quality kosher wine. Feel free to take a sit on carpets and cushions on the floor.

Bunkier Cafe

As the only one of its kind, Bunkier Cafe has a garden in the middle of the wonderful Planty Park open all year round. Often crowded, but not without a reason. The cafe is housed in a huge glassed complex. They are famous for serving the freshest tank beer and quality and variety of coffee. Nearby is the “Bunkier Sztuki” Gallery, one of Poland’s most important galleries of contemporary art. This definitely puts Bunkier as the one of the most epic cafes in Krakow.

Okna Cafe

In 2 Okna Cafe there are literally two windows. Great place to have a lunch break while exploring the Old Jewish Quarter. Located in a seventeenth-century tenement house in the heart of Kazimierz district. You can find here true Krakow bagels with fresh hummus and a cup of perfect espresso. On colder days their mulled cider can warm you up and on warmer days you can hide at the back of the building in a beautiful, shaded garden.

Nowa Prowincja

In Nowa Prowincja time goes slower. Cafe is famous for delicious hot chocolate, lemon tart, chocolate cake served with whipped cream and nostalgic atmosphere. It is not “coffee to go” kind of place, here, it is all about celebrating. Wooden interior is truly charming and you are welcome to come alone or bring your family. In the past, the meeting place of artists and intellectuals. This is definitely one of those places with a soul.

Enjoy your coffees in the most charming cafes in Krakow! Cause good coffee is a human right!

Written by Alicja Rutkowska If you would like to find out more about Krakow and really get to know the city, click here to book on to one of our many tours.


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